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Protect your idea so that it‘s not over before it has begun

Inventions form the core of technical progress as well as a key to the success of any modern company. Inventions, however, are not only technical in nature. Both legal and procedural issues play an important roll, while commercial considerations naturally predominate when decisions are made regarding the management of intellectual property. These factors apply whether the matter in question is the protection of your own inventions, the enforcement of your intellectual property rights against third parties, the obstruction of your interests by an intellectual property right of a third party or the defence of your interests in the face of attacks from your competitors. In all of these cases, we counsel inventor and applicant alike as early as possible so that informed and intelligent decisions can be made regarding your best course of action. This high quality of counsel is maintained throughout all proceedings and can be intensified within the framework of personal discussions.

Our services include, inter alia, a preliminary evaluation of the state of the art, discussions concerning technical aspects of the invention with the responsible inventors and the provision of counsel on the intellectual property protection best suited to the circumstances.
An emphasis of our activities in this area naturally lies in the prosecution of grant proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office as well as the patent offices of all other industrialized countries in conjunction with an international network of legal and patent attorneys.

In adversarial proceedings – whether oppositions before the German or European patent offices or infringement proceedings before the competent legal courts all over Germany – we prosecute your interests vigorously. In this regard, it works to your distinct advantage that the consultation of external law offices is rendered superfluous by the very nature of our team, as our patent and legal attorneys work in close conjunction to further your interests.