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We can find the needle in the haystack for you

There are many situations in which it is particularly advisable to conduct a search for potential intellectual property rights of others. The bottom line is that a preliminary search can ultimately save you both time and money. We can carry out searches and sift through and evaluate the search results for you. By conducting a search, you can clarify such issues as e.g. the chances of success of an application for an intellectual property right, the validity of your own intellectual property rights or those of a third party, or simply the room for manoeuvre you have in a specific technical area, etc.

Examples of possible searches are, among others:

  • Searches for design patents (e.g. protected forms, legal validity);
  • Searches for trademarks (risk of confusability, current trademark stock);
  • Searches for intellectual property right families;
  • Patent searches (novelty, inventiveness; prior art).