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Are your competitors on your radar?

In addition to the prosecution of your own intellectual property rights, the active and comprehensive surveillance of the intellectual property activities of your competitors is becoming more and more important in an increasingly globalized market. A reliable and continuous monitoring of your competitors is thus vital in order to defend and expand your market share.

We can take over the surveillance of patent or other applications as well as opposition and appeal proceedings for you. To this end, we work with you in order to create a surveillance profile tailored to your specific needs, e.g. according to specific criteria such as relevant fields of activity, competitors and/or general types of intellectual property rights. We can also monitor specific intellectual property rights in order to keep you abreast of developments such as the payment of annuities, the progress of examination proceedings or changes in scope of protection. Additionally, we can also provide you with overviews of the status of your own intellectual property right portfolio or the intellectual property right portfolios of your competitors. A constant awareness of the intellectual property activities of your competitors can help you navigate your way safely through dangerous waters.