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Make yourself unmistakeable.

Names play an essential role in the positioning of a company in the marketplace. Your customers associate quality, know-how and innovation with the name of your products. With a registered trademark you can effectively prevent that the good reputation associated with your products, services and company is exploited by others. Logos or word-picture combinations – which can also be effective identifiers of your company and its products and services – are also eligible for registration as a trademark. We can help you acquire and enforce trademark rights not only in Germany and the European Union, but world-wide.

In order to spare you any unpleasant surprises when applying for trademark protection, we also conduct searches for potential older trademark rights of third parties as well as identical or confusable trademarks, names and company rights or domain names. We further monitor the filing of new trademark applications that could conflict with your trademark rights and can help you prevent others from encroaching on and thus from diminishing the value of your good reputation. We represent you in trademark infringement proceedings both to enforce your rights against third parties who make unauthorized use of your trademarks and to defend you against attacks from third parties.

Make yourself unmistakeable! We can help.