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Welcome to the Protective Area

Lang & Tomerius offers you comprehensive counsel and support in all matters pertaining to intellectual property. We represent your interests in the acquisition, defence and enforcement of intellectual property rights and can defend you against attacks from third parties.

At Lang & Tomerius, patent and legal attorneys
work hand in hand, thus ensuring that even the most
challenging legal issues are handled in a particularly
efficient fashion and with comprehensive technical and
legal expertise.

Our office is conveniently located with a fast connection to both the main train station
and Munich airport and is easy to access by public transportation as well as by car.

With the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German
Federal Patent Court and the regional and higher regional courts in Munich more or less
at our doorstep, our attorneys can take part in various hearings and oral proceedings locally
and thus avoid incurring travel expenses.

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