geschmacksmuster aepfel

geschmacksmuster ananas

Different from the rest.

The success of a product is not determined by its technical characteristics or trademark name alone. An essential factor in the reception of a product by a customer and the impression it leaves behind is the presentation or design of the product.

We counsel and represent you from the acquisition of the intellectual property rights for the design of your products right up to the enforcement of these rights vis-à-vis third parties.

We can help you determine the countries in which protection for your design is
desirable. We register both national German design patents and  Community
design patents (valid in all 27 states of the European Union) and can help you
seek design protection world-wide via an international application with the
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We also coordinate, in
conjunction with our colleagues all over the globe, the filing and prosecution
of design patent applications before different national offices world-wide.

If your products are being counterfeited, we can help you enforce your
design patent rights and represent you in infringement proceedings both
in and out of court.

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