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We can crack the hardest nuts for you

Before buying a company, it is recommendable to conduct a due diligence examination in order to place yourself in a better position to assess the legal and cost-accounting risks attending such an acquisition and in order to protect yourself contractually against the assessed risks.

In a due diligence examination, we can help you collect and analyze information about the intellectual property portfolio of the company at issue, to assess its value as well as inherent risks and opportunities and to find iron-clad contractual safeguards to protect you from detected risks. In order to uncover potential legal pitfalls, we examine the entire legal ownership structure of the intellectual property right portfolio in question and assess the value and validity of each of the individual rights
(e.g. the prospect of grant in the case of pending patent and/or trademark
applications, possible opposition proceedings, etc.). We can thus provide
you with a detailed expert opinion on the dangers that threaten the
company and/or technology of interest, e.g. as a result of the intellectual
property rights of third parties.

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